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Kenny Kenny
Age: 14
Year: Freshman
Style: TBD
Favorite Game: Dead or Alive 2
Favorite Food: Garlic Pork over Rice
Favorite Drink: Hal's Green Drink

Kenny was a hero at his Junior High, but
now in High School, he's definitely a small
fish in a big pond.

He's very brash and idealistic, and eventhough
he's very young and untrained, he does have
some natural skill.

Nina ^_^ Nina
Age: 13
Year: Freshman
Style: unknown
Favorite Game: Dance Dance Revolution
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Drink: Pearl Milk Tea

Nina is the youngest of 3 sisters and she
has a cute pet mink. She was the top of
her class in Junior High and is extremely

She's also very sweet, innocent, and kind
even if she is kinda "floofy."

Ray Ray
Age: 14
Year: Freshman
Style: Tae Kwon Do
Favorite Game: Tekken Tag Tournament
Favorite Food: Pho
Favorite Drink: Thai Ice Coffee

Ray was known and feared at his Junior High,
eventhough he was also at the top of his class.
He does have some friends he hangs out with but
for the most part, he likes to be alone.

He has a short temper and doesn't tolerate
anyone getting in his way or besting him.

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