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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey I like your anime, but where's the sound?
I want my works to be original and copyright free and since I have no musical talent nor have a found free loops that I like, I decided to leave out music. As for voices, I really do hate bad voice acting and it does take a great deal of work to add voices, sound fx, and music and I'd rather be working on the next episode!

So how can I make my own anime?
All you need is a computer and a copy of Macromedia Flash and a Wacom Pen Tablet (since drawing with a mouse sucks!) and lots of time and patience :) Also, be sure to check out my site on animating in the anime style at www.UnderstandingAnime.com and post any questions you have about anime or flash in the forums.

I have a cool idea or story, will you make it into an anime for me?
Right now I am not taking story or script submissions but if you want to hire me to turn your idea into an anime, just contact me at tipatat@animetion.com

I am an anime artist, can you critique some of my work? or will you host some of my work?
You can upload artwork to be critiqued in the forums at www.UnderstandingAnime.com (please jpeg or gif only). Also, the only artworks we will put up here is fan art from our original anime works like Fisticuffs, which you can email to tipatat@animetion.com

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