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Episode 2 coming soon! Fisticuffs
High School - where heroes
are made and love is won.
Kenny just started school
and already he's met his
rival, a punk named Ray,
his dream girl, a cutey
named Nina and now he just
needs to prove he's not a
hapless dork.

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Click to watch Robotech: DYRM? Robotech:
Do You Remember Macross?

It's been 20 years and Macross
is still one of the best anime
around. Here is my attempt to
try and recapture some of that
magic. Watch Robotech - Do
You Remember Macross?

Click to watch What is Anime? What is Anime?
Not quite sure about what is
anime? or how it differs from
other types of animation?
Then watch this introduction
to anime.

Watch What is anime?

Click to watch the Pilot the Pilot
Our tribute to one of the
greatest anime series of all
time: Macross and the lunacy
and absurdity or romance/
comedy anime. So what happens
when invading alien mecha get
in the way of true love? Find
out by watching the Pilot

Click to watch the KareKano ANIMEvalentine KareKano
Our tribute to one of the
greatest anime romance series:
KareKano. You can also send
this scene out to that special
someone as an ANIMEvalentine.

Watch KareKano

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