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I am an avid web surfer and know that for every good site out there, there are thousands of not so good sites, so here are some of the sites that I recommend related to Anime and the art of ANIMEtion as well as online animation in general, broken down into relevant sections. If you know of any sites that I may have missed but should be listed, just

General Links
  • The Anime Turnpike - The largest and most comprehensive collection of anime links, if you are looking for information on a specific anime series, check here
  • EX.org - Monthly Anime online 'zine, very well done but updated enough
  • Anime On DVD - Premiere site for news about Anime on the digital format
  • Anime News Network - Sporadically updated anime news site
  • Akadot - "Where anime news is read. Anime reviews, fun features, witty columns and interesting articles all in one place."
  • The Anime/Manga Web Essay Archive - Very well organized collection of both fan and professional essays about anime and manga and fandom

    Anime Studios
  • GAINAX - My idols, who are not only self professed otakus but also push the cutting edge of stylized ANIMEtion
  • GONZO - The leaders in digital CG animetion (both full 3DGC and hybrid digital cel and 3DCG)
  • Production I.G. - They create the highest quality anime like Ghost in the Shell, Blood - the Last Vampire, and Jin-Roh
  • Studio ArtFX - Excellent one man effort to produce high quality 3DCG anime style using Lightwave and the celshader renderer
  • White Radish - The first American animetor I ever saw, although I wasn't too impressed
  • Dimentia7 - American Anime studio out of Austin, Tx whose first work is D7PEACEMAKER::STAGE 1

    Other Animetion References and Tutorials
  • How to Draw Manga - The best books for drawing manga/anime style writing by Japenese Pros and translated into english
  • PolyKarbon - A fairly comprehensive and well done guide to drawing anime/manga style artwork
  • How to Draw Comics - Tutorials on drawing both American comicbook and manga styles by forum regular Edgar Tadeo
  • Flash Kit - Art & Anime - Discussion board for anime and animation in Flash
  • Anime Artist Forum - Discussion board for anime artists (mostly 2D CG anime artwork)

    American Animation References and Tutorials
  • Idleworm - Basic primer to cartoon animation using Flash examples
  • Animation Meat! - Resource for American stlye cartoon animation like Hanna Barbera and neo-Hanna Barbera Styles

    Online Animation Sites and Internet Animation Studios
  • ANIMEtion.com - *shameless plug* My very own site for Original Internet ANIMEtion which showcases my anime projects, like my online anime series Fisticuffs
  • Wild Brain - The best web animation company that also works on several anime inspired animated projects
  • Othervision - They have an online anime called Battleseed among their many other flash shows...the design work looked promising but I wasn't too impressed with the actual show
  • Super Pope - Well done Flash Anime done by a huge fan of Dragonball Z (and it shows)
  • Shock Anime - "Shockwave Anime Entertainment" Well animated trailer for Genyu's Blade that is very Matrix-ish, be sure to check it out
  • CyAnime - Forum regular Edgar Tadeo's showcase of personal anime works
  • World Premiere Toons - original shows and shorts for CartoonNetwork.com in that neo-Hanna Barbera style
  • Gotham Girls - Original Flash Animated series in the style of the Bruce Timm Batman: The Animated Series, very well done
  • Spumco - High quality neo-Hanna Barbera Flash animation with that sick and twisted humor, set the standard that most net animators seemingly try to follow
  • Mondo Media - Another high profile web animation portal/studio with typical gross and satirical humor...they recently hired Anime Character Designer extraordinaire Toshihiro Kawamoto to work on a project!
  • Flinch Studio - Another high profile web animation and design studio that produces high quality american style Flash based cartoons and websites, most notable is the Tim Burton Stainboy series
  • Stanlee Returns - Tribute site to the defunct online animation venture from the man behind Marvel Comics, features awful stories and concepts but well done American style superhero animation
  • Whirlgirl - The first high profile web animation show backed by the Showtime cable network but sooo awful for so many reasons and featuring ridiculously poor animation, I can't believe they paid money to make it ;(
  • Spunkytown - Even their name sounds like Spumco...they do typical Animerican style cartoons in Flash
  • Icebox - Yet another over hyped dot.com with typical gross and satirical humor and the blatantly racist and stupid Mr. Wong show among their many forgetable web cartoons
  • Camp Chaos - Best known for their "napster bad" napster vs. metallica spoof, they are another web cartoon company with that typical gross and satirical humor
  • The Joe Cartoon Co. - Best known for their "frog in the blender" cartoon they are (you guessed it) yet another web cartoon company with that typical gross and satirical humor although the were actually one of the originators!

    There are a lot more of these types of american web cartoon sites with that typical gross and satirical humor that it doesn't seem too productive to continue listing them since they are so much like the others mentioned and I won't even touch the flash animation porn out there...but the sites listed above do represent the varying degrees of web animation out there today