Undersatnding Anime

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I love Anime, the Japanese style of animation, and while I have seen many books and websites that rate and review anime titles, interview the creators, and even explore the cultural themes and content that make anime anime, I have not seen any pages that analyze this very unique animation style and give a guide to animating in the anime style. And while I am by no means an expert in animation, I am a die-hard otaku (anime fan) who loves Anime and this is my attempt to bring a better Understanding of Animation in the Anime Style or what I like to call Animetion for short ^_^x

As a guide to Animetion, my primary audience include those aspiring anime style animators but it is also for the legions and legions of dedicated anime fans since this will hopefully increase knowledge of the art of anime and thus like how the reader can further appreciate literature with a deeper understanding of the literary devices used by the author such as simile and metaphor, the anime fan will further appreciate the anime with a deeper knowledge of the anime devices such as symbolic metaphors and the superdeformed (SD) used by the Animetor. I also hope that traditional animators too will use this guide as a reference and see that there is much more to animation than the imitation of life.