"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself"

Step into the Construct and listen as Morpheus explains the truth about the Matrix and the world that you know. Then try out some of the most famous scenes recreated in VR: the Jump Program, the Rooftop BulletTime Dodge, and the Final Hallway.


DK2 PC Demo: 32-bit mirror 1 mirror 2 (122 MB) | 64-bit mirror 1 (123 MB)

Mac Demo: Universal (126 MB)
Very Graphics Intensive Not recommended for Macbook Airs and older machines.

How to PlayXBox Gamepad Keyboard
WalkLeft thumbstick w,a,s,d
RunLeft trigger shift
Jump (in Jump Program Only)A button b
Menu Prev (in Construct Only)X button z
Menu Next (in Construct Only)B button x
Menu Select (in Construct Only)A button c
Back to the ConstructBack button 0
(Rooftop BulletTime Dodge and the Final Hallway Scenes are Head Look Only)

We are huge fans of the Matrix and Virtual Reality and wanted to create something that lets you be the One in VR with the Oculus Rift DK2. This is an ongoing project and we would love to get other artists, animators, and developers involved so we can bring more scenes to life in VR. Let us know if you would like to help contribute to this project.

Creative Direction, Environment Art, Game Design, and Audio by Eric Beyhl
Game Design, Programming, Audio, Art and Effects by Tipatat Chennavasin (@tipatat)
Digital Rain Intro and Credits Programming and Design by Jon Dadley (@JonDadley)

Additional Credits:
Neo, Morpheus and Smith character models from "The Matrix: Path of Neo" by Shiny entertainment.
B212 Helicopter, Beretta pistol, Desert Eagle pistol, M16 and SWAT Soldier downloaded from TF3DM.com
Audio Recorded from "The Matrix" film, owned and distributed by Warner Bros.
Additional music and sound effects from "The Matrix Online" downloaded from www.mxoarchive.net
Sound effects downloaded from Freesound.org
"Current City" and "Real World" Environment models are from the Unity Asset Store by Quantum Theory.
Downtown Vista initially generated with QTown2.0 Maya script.
DrashVR for Editor and Script support and consultation

This demo was made with Unity3D, Luxology Modo, Mixamo, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Photoshop

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