Unity GameJam 2012 | Slice-A-Zombie

Team: Tipatat Chennavasin, Alex Sink, Erik Behar

The idea was to use the GameFace API to create a personalized whack-a-mole style iPhone game but with a slicing mechanic to chop up the zombies into little bits. There was also the plan to let you rescue non-zombies by tapping on them and a crane would come and lift them off the ground. The team also decided to literally add a twist where some zombies would pop up with a shield and you would have to rotate the playing field to attack them from a vulnerable side.This was primarly an excuse to play with the awesome piecemaker plugin from the asset store.

Here is the original concept design

Friday Evening
We broke the tasks down with Erik working on slicing apart the mesh and the whack-a-mole state machine, Alex working on integrating the GameFace API, making the slicing work with finger gestures, and the turntable mechanic, and Tipatat would be working on the artwork. We ended up skipping the GameFace API since the sample was still in Unity 3.4 and had build problems in 3.5. By closing time at 2am we had the basics down but the state machine was off and the while the slicing worked with the mouse, it didn't on the device.

Saturday Afternoon
Erik was working off site and Alex and Tipatat were back at the hack space. Erik rewrote the state machine part while Alex reworked the previous state machine and slice code to work with touch input. Unforuntately there was some overlap and a code merge would be needed. Tipatat integrated the artwork. Even though there was still a lot to implement, this is what we managed to get done (left-click and drag around to slice):

We came into the project assuming that piecemaker would cut the mesh exactly were we wanted it to cut, but found that it precuts the mesh, at least on the basic usage, maybe further exploration could unleash that potential, but on a gamejam, take that into consideration. We also found that it also makes some assumptions like, destorying the parent instantly and spawning the shards in world space instead of under the parent of the gameobject it was under.

Overall we had a blast, got to meet some cool people, play with some awesome tech, and whip out a silly demo. Thanks again to the SF Unity User Group. Let's do it again sometime! & be sure to check out GameFace.me for cool personalized mobile games.